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Two hikers with their backpacks walking the Kawakawa Bay to Kinloch trail are the focus with an out of focus background of lush native bush with the sunshine filtering through the canopy.

Great Lake Trails

The Whakaipo to Kinloch (W2K) and the Kinloch to Kawkawa (K2K) are trails you can turn into a real adventure by beginning your day with a scenic boat trip out around the headland of Whangamata Bay and dropped at either Whakiapo Bay or Kawkawa bay to begin your ride back to Kinloch.


Leaving Kinloch we head down the bay and out and around the spectacular Whanamata headland, past amazing rock formations and into the beautiful Wakaipo bay arriving at the beginning of the trail. 


P.s if you have time and the weather is right, make sure you do the headland loop. The views are spectacular.


Heading out from the Kinloch marina we round the headland at the western side of the bay then past the Kawakawa cliffs where you might catch a glimpse of climbers hanging high above. Then into the beach to begin your ride.


A Todd Eyre photo of Pukawa Bay.  Two ladies are enjoying their hike and laughing with each other
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