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Western Bays Taster Chasing Waterfalls
1 hour 30 Minutes


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- Departing Kinloch Marina

Want to do something different? Do something a little more adventurous?  Come and Join Ian on our 1-and-a-half-hour chasing waterfalls tour. 

Your adventure begins when you climb aboard our purpose built seven-metre catamaran in the
Kinloch marina which is a short 20-minute drive from the Taupō Township.

Idling out of the marina into Whangamata Bay, Ian will give you a quick briefing on where you are
going. Hang on as Ian pushes the throttle forward, smiling as Taxicat surges up onto the plane,
beginning your journey down the bay and out into the western bays. 

First up, Otupoto falls, a majestic waterfall that tumbles down a shute carved into the rocky cliff and into the lake. Stand on the bow as Ian pushes Taxicat closer into the spray at the base of the falls. 

Then we’ll cruise the rocky shoreline where the cliffs plummet below the surface into the depths of
the lake. Hidden behind a rocky outcrop appears the beautiful Tutaewaeroa falls, cascading over a rocky ledge, enticing you to put your hand under. 

Next Kotukutuku landing. This hidden gem is a bay tucked in the top north-western corner of the
Western Bays. Often referred to as honeymoon bay. Watch as the sandy bottom rises up and becomes a beach where Ian noses the bow of Taxicat and unfolds the ladder. The short bush walk upthe ravine reveals your last waterfall. But don't miss the views of the lake as you climb the trail. 


By the time we have idled back into the Kinloch marina you have travelled around thirty k/m and
been where not many have been and time seems to have been forgotten.

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