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There is a place out west on
our great lake that is a little harder to get to.


Its authentic, untouched, and waiting to be explored.
Not many experience its magic


You have to go a little further.

You have to venture beyond.

“We had such a fun adventure!! Can't imagine a better guide, we will definitely be back. Our stay in Taupo would not have been the same without this little outing with Ian. Thank you so much!”
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Kinloch +
The Western Bays

Ian pushes the throttle forward propelling the boat toward the western headland keeping watch over the outer reaches of the bay. You are heading to explore a wilderness beyond. A wilderness where waterfalls tumble into the lake and cliffs rise majestically from the depths,high above as if keeping watch over a place that time seems to have forgotten.


Unbeknown to most people, some twenty minutes west of Taupo Township is a sleepy little holiday town known as Kinloch. It harbours a well-kept secret.

Kinloch sits at the head of Whangamata Bay. A place often referred to as the gateway to a hidden treasure known simply as the western bays of the mighty Lake Taupo.

Two ladies sitting on the lakes edge on a sunny autumn day enjoying at hot coffee, warm sunshine and the view over the Western Bays of Lake Taupo

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