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Western Bays Taster Chasing Waterfalls
2 hour 30 Minutes


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- Departing Kinloch Marina

Our 2-and-a-half-hour Chasing Waterfalls tour will see you enjoy all that the shorter one-and-a-half tour offers and more.   


After exploring the dramatic coastline and waterfalls, we’ll stop off at the beautiful Waihora Bay, a pumice strewn beach. 

An idyllic setting, with the Waihora stream flowing into the lake off to your left. 

Ian will bring out the complimentary refreshments for you to enjoy.  Freshly ground locally
supplied Sacred Grounds coffee, a tea or cold beverage - oh, and we can’t forget the double chocolate Tim Tams.   


If warm enough you can take the plunge in the crystal-clear waters for a seasonal swim or explore the beach with its beautifully formed rounded pumice and yellow lupin flowers. 


The bay is both sheltered and secluded and often you are the only people there enjoying the bay to yourselves. 


By the time we have idled back into the Kinloch marina you have travelled around thirty-five k/m and been where not many have been and time seems to have been forgotten.

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