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The Western Bays entices the explorer and captivates the visitor

“Unlike its wider Lake Taupo environment, Western Bay is isolated and different. Its identity is striking and distinctive. Far from the madding crowd, rugged and wild, the western bays entices the explorer and captivates the visitor. Here Nature dominates and people adapt. Solitude is possible. Challenges abound.”

Source - Tribute to Western Bay Lake Taupo by Christine McElwee and John Parsons.

Birthed from a gift

My love of the Western Bays of Lake Taupo began some five years ago.

I was given the opportunity to skipper a boat from Taupo township into the Western bays with someone who knew them well and was fortunate enough to spend the day exploring its hidden treasures.

That day began a love affair and a deep desire to share what I had experienced myself with others. Birthed from that journey was venture beyond, the culmination of a dream that began with a gift.

Through others eyes

What has become one of my greatest pleasures is seeing this beautiful place through the eyes of those who venture out with me on a small group sightseeing tour and being constantly surprised by new discoveries.

This past year saw one of the wettest winters on record, but what this meant was waterfalls in full flow and the emergence of waterfalls in places I had never seen before. Those that I have taken out into the Western Bays describe it as remote, mysterious, enchanting and on a wet day, words like moody and magical have been used.

Yes you get to see waterfalls, some that tumble into the lake and some just a short walk through beautiful native bush. But one of its grandest charms is the towering ignimbrite cliffs that make up a lot of its majestic coast line.

My words do not do justice to this very special place. So come and let me show you the place where “Nature dominates and solitude is possible”

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